The Brothers Scott: Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush back, this new project that puts fans in turmoil


The famous female trio of the “Scott Brothers ” is back. Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush are currently starring in the “Good Sam” series. A production of the interpreter of Brooke Davis.

Decidedly, the female trio of the “Frères Scott” does not let go of a single sole. A year ago, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush teased the launch of a Podcast called “Drama Queens”. An opportunity for the interpreters of Peyton, Brooke and Haley to evoke their years spent in the famous series “One Tree Hill”. “ Containment hit and I was spending time on the networks like everyone else. And the number of people posting how, in this really scary time at the start of the pandemic, they were starting The Brothers Scott again, really touched me. I thought to myself that this series has something magical about it. It still remains in the heart, for so many people , “had in particular entrusted the wife of Grant Hughes to the People site. And to continue: “ It’s great to be together and produce this podcast. We’re like, ‘Oh, who’s in charge? We are in control.’ Yeah. We’re in charge and that’s great. I love that. I like this reappropriation of the series!”.

The trio reunited again

Also, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush are about to make their big comeback on the small screen. Last January, the trio was on the set of the American medical series, “Good Sam”. A production by Sophia Bush. Happier than ever to find her BFFs, the actress of 64 years had shared a snapshot of this meeting on his Instagram account. “Fans, your girls are together again! What’s the coolest thing about being a producer? It’s that I can bring my best friends! Now vs Then + Always and Forever…”, she wrote. If the series is already available in the United States, it remains unpublished in France. For the moment, no release date has yet been revealed, but it will not be long. To be continued then…


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