Slimane lets loose: fiery and homosexual kisses in his new clip which is already making people talk!

This Wednesday June 2022 was a big day for Slimane. The reason ? The singer has released the clip for his new single titled “The Recipe”. A video where we can see the artist walking through a nightclub alone while many couples are partying, dancing and kissing tenderly under the neon light.

En Indeed, in the clip, Slimane passes between several homosexual and heterosexual couples who exchange kisses while he sings his love: “You know, everyone around can leave me / As long as you’re there, I am my love and must not be forgotten. / And even if in your world everything is deaf, let me change it / But when I love you, you doubt, my love / Me, I can not forget you ”, can we hear.

A solo comeback validated by Internet users

A new clip that Internet users have loved to believe the many comments already present on YouTube where the video has already accumulated tens of thousands of views: “ The clip is incredible, the atmosphere with the neon lights is perfect, the lyrics are awesome, it’s simply a ma sterclass”, “Not disappointed! The clip is incredible just like the song”, “So much awaited this magnificent clip which fits perfectly with the lyrics”, “A magnificent clip which highlights diversity. Love is Love “, can we read.

Positive messages which should please Slimane who could not hope for a better reception from the public by resuming his solo career. We just have to wait for the release of his third album which should be centered around the theme of the family. “I didn’t see my life other than being a father. Besides, now that I am, I don’t even remember how I was before! “, he confided to RTL about this new opus which should see the light of day very soon…

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Lisa Ziane


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