“Prostate and colon cancer”: JoeyStarr makes a terrible revelation in an Instagram video that goes viral!

A committed artist, JoeyStarr never hesitates to howl his anger when it comes to defending the collective interest. It must be said that the behavior of certain leaders tends to dismay the famous rapper. “The job of politicians is to make promises and not keep them,” he explained a few years ago at the microphone of BFM TV. “ I think it’s bullshit that politicians don’t move when the French are not happy “, he confided before claiming to be left, even if, as he conceded at the time: “ being on the left means nothing today“. “ We are going from bad to worse, the private has taken precedence over the human. I am still optimistic but also pragmatic, I have to say what I think ” he regretted.

And it is moreover the private interests and the decisions taken in a small committee by an elite that the former leader of NTM wanted to denounce in a video posted on his Instagram account. The ex of Karine Le Marchand alerted on the misuse of chlordecone, persistent organic pollutant, extremely persistent in the environment which can prove to be very toxic. The singer and actor recalls that it was widely used in the West Indies on banana plantations and that it was classified as a possible carcinogen in humans from 1979 but was only banned in 1993. This pesticide would be responsible for thousands of colon and prostate cancers in a region where the rate of this type of cancer is “ the highest in the world “, recalls-t -he.

Reluctant to confide, JoeyStarr broke the silence in a documentary released on 18 March last on France 5. In “JoeyStarr, grandeur nature”, a documentary by Richard Melloul, the rapper spoke about his childhood in Saint-Denis, his private life and his incredible career. He told in particular to have crossed by chance one of his brothers of which he was unaware of the existence. “ I met another of my brothers on an RER platform because a guy said to me: ‘Listen, I know a guy who looks like you, it’s abused’… I said to him: “Yeah yeah yeah, ok’. And the guy brings me back my brother, Carl. And we had this thing… ‘Are you Carl?’, ‘Are you Didier?’“, s was he remembered.


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