It disrupts the arrival of Marine Le Pen and members of the RN at the National Assembly: Bruce Toussaint recognizes it live on BFM TV!

With the scores they collected in the legislative elections, they are in all 89 newly elected National Rally who arrived at the National Assembly this Wednesday 22 June. They are ten times more than in 2017. The far-right party will thus form a full-fledged parliamentary group within the hemicycle, led by Marine Le Pen in person. This is unheard of since 1986.

Disturbances before the Assembly

And on site, a stone’s throw from Place de la Concorde, in Paris, their arrival this morning was not without a hitch. While Marine Le Pen wanted to pose with her troops on the steps of the Assembly, for a historic snapshot, disturbances were observed by the media. In front of the cameras of BFMTV, we saw a young woman rushing with a sign in her hand, to protest against the RN. In the studio, Bruce Toussaint and his teams were quick to recognize her.

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She declared in front of the journalists : “The risk with RN deputies is that we spend all the time talking about immigrants, Islam, Muslims, who are not problems, instead of talk about the climate emergency”. It is an EELV municipal councilor from Boulogne-Billancourt, Pauline Rapilly-Ferniot, whom the security service of the National Rally knows well since she already disrupted a press conference by Marine Le Pen last April.

An old acquaintance

Between the two rounds of the presidential election, remember You, this activist had brandished a photo of Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Poutine in the shape of a heart before being dragged to the ground by a man, who had taken her out of the room. The same day, on BFMTV , the frontist candidate had assured Bruce Toussaint about the incident: “It was Mr. Darmanin’s police (who intervened), you have to contact Mr. Darmanin, it’s not me who gives instructions”. And to add: “ I didn’t see anything, there were 200 journalists, everyone was standing. am delighted that this woman has no more dangerous intentions than to challenge me”.

A flop that did not demotivate Pauline Rapilly Ferniot. She assured this Tuesday: “it’s the first day of their mandate, we’re going to be there every day “.

The young elected EELV, Pauline Rapilly-Ferniot, came to disrupt the arrival of the RN deputies in the National Assembly

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) June 22, 2022



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