“Her English teacher comes from Ouarzazate”, Manon Marsault becomes the laughingstock of the web after trying to speak to her children in English!


Manon Marsault trying to speak English with a Moroccan accent: here is the new video that is making the buzz on the Web.

Manon Marsault, who became Manon Tanti by marrying Julien Tanti and one of the main stars of reality TV in France. Today influencer, she is also a mother. With Julien they had two children: Tiago and Angelina, whom they raise like almost all reality TV candidates in Dubai. And over there, we don’t speak French, so we have to make an effort with English and, by the way, to teach the language to their children who are often in international schools. Nabilla, Jazz, Manon Marsault… they all film themselves on social networks speaking English with their children. But if we know that in France we are not the most gifted with languages, Manon Marsault is by far the best example.

With her accent, she even becomes the laughingstock of the web. In a video posted on the TikTok account of influencer Alex Miguel, we first see the star of “Marseillais” in front of the camera calling his daughter. “Angelina War Harpen kom kom my love” deciphered the influencer. Immediately, Alex Miguel takes the camera to ask if “his English teacher comes from Ouarzazate“.

The most important thing is to try ! In the comments, Internet users are bent. “I’m in tears”, “my au pair year in America with Lebanese”, “even in Ouarzazate we talk English better than that” , can we read under the video. And we’re sure that Manon would also have fun with herself as long as she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Until recently she admitted without language of wood that her last cosmetic surgery operations had been a “carnage”. Well his English too…

Laure Bertrand

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