“A slap !” : the astonishing revelation of Symon, the grandson of Enrico Macias, on Diam's

In the Macias family, if everyone knows Enrico of course, his grandson Symon is also trying to make a name for himself. Like his illustrious grandfather, he sees himself working to the sound of a guitar: “ I was studying law, it didn’t work The only thing I did all this time was guitar and singing” he confided to Toute La Culture in December 88 After two singles released in 2019 and one in February 2021, the young man released his first EP, “Happy anyway” in May 2021.

After the release of his first album, Symon Macias spoke to our colleagues at Gala to discuss what prompted him to take the step towards a career as a musician. “ I was depressed. I saw my friends starting to find their way, I didn’t know where I was going. Emotionally it wasn’t right either. I had the impression of failure.” Invaluable help came to him then from his grandfather who offered to follow him to Canada on tour and perform a song with him. on stage. “It clicked. I had tried to do something else, to take a different path, in vain, my place was there. I understood it immediately”, explains Symon Macias, who, back in France, starts to “charcoal alone”.

But beyond the boost of his illustrious Symon Macias was influenced by many singers such as Michel Berger, Serge Gainsbourg, Véronique Sanson, France Gall, Françoise Hardy and Dalida. “musical slaps” had been given by The Beatles but also by Diam’s. He then confided that he was a huge fan of Nirvana, quoting the song “Rape me” of which he confessed to not understanding the title a long time after having sung it on repeat in his teenage bedroom where he played the guitar to “impress the friends and the girls”.


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